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Puppet made during the stop-motion specialisation course at IED with Stefano Bessoni, 2018

Organica is a project I developed while attending to the stop-motion specialisation course at IED, held by Stefano Bessoni.

Organica is the story of the last human on earth. While all the other humans over the centuries slowly turned themselves into androids, replacing their body parts and organs with mechanical prosthetics. They now roam in a world reduced to a desert, as a consequence of climatical changes and past wars. Completely identical to humans, these androids have been the only inhabitants of this world for centuries, and there is no memory of human race.

The only one that still has an organic component, his head, roams unrelentingly in this desert, searching for something. The rest of his body is composed by pieces of old robotics. He doesn't know why he is like this and he doesn't remember anything about his past life, except from some vague visions that motivate him to continue his endless search and the objects he keeps in his bunker, that he seems incapable of connecting to any memory (for example an old teddy bear). He struggles to understand what he is looking for and he doesn't know what or who he is. Like all the other inhabitants of earth, he forgot the existence of human race, despite being the last specimen.

He brings with him a walking cane with a sphere on the vertex, a battered red cape and a mask. 

He needs the mask to disguise himself with other android inhabitants of earth, who would identify his organic head as a dangerous object and annihilate him.

This last human being lives an isolated and solitary life, roaming the desert. When the sphere on his walking stick glows, he knows it means that he is near something that he needs to pick up and preserve.

There is something that haunts him though: he keeps having visions of the same three people. A man, a woman and a little girl. He sees them laughing and playing, things that he doesn't understand the meaning of anymore, but move him deeply. He is surprised by his own reaction to these mysterious flashes his brain produces. He sees the little girl often, that calls him and incite him to follow her. The visions get so intense that he decides to indulge. 

This is how he will start a journey in search of something that seems to have disappeared from earth: life.

I constructed two versions of the puppet for Organica, with two different techniques.

The first version consisted in creating a wire armature and then start building the rest of the puppet directly on that, with medical tape and latex.

For the second version I created a wire armature and then sculpted in plasticine every part of the puppet, creating moulds for the head, body and feet and filling them with latex for the skin and a special soft resin for the filling.

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