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In Production

A man, ready to depart, seems incapable of getting out of his room to reach the adjacent train station.

The brief path turns into a dreamlike journey among fears, expectations and missed opportunities. 

The departure of the last train provokes a harsh return to reality where the even the existence of the main character is questioned.

Technique: Puppet animation
Original language: no dialogue
Country of production: Italy
Year of production: In Production
Lenght: 6 minutes
Genre: Drama
Director: Emanuele Martorelli
Authors: Emanuele Martorelli and Elisa Fantinel
Screenplay: Emanuele Martorelli
Producer: Fantasmagorie Studio
DOP: Mario Kreill
Character Design: Costanza Lettieri and Lara Hosking
Storyboard: Isabel Wiegand
Puppet making: Lara Hosking, Mario Kreill

Set and prop making: Mario Kreill, Isabel Wiegand

With the support of MiC.


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