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LITTOM (Love in the time of metaverse) by ex falso quodlibet music video

Full Video Coming Soon

This rotoscope music video was made with Fantasmagorie Studio for Ex Falso Quodlibet's single "LITTOM" from their album Platypus.

In the near future, the digital dominates completely and the metaverse substitutes our everyday reality. This virtual world is dominated by antropomorphic machines, characterised by absolute anatomic and algorithmic perfection which makes them incapable of having feelings or emotions.

In this scenery a man finds himself forced to disguise himself as a machine in the metaverse to have a relationship with a woman, whose attentions are reserved for these perfect beings.

The man's disguise unluckily doesn't work and the woman asks the man to undertake some sort of reverse Turing test, that immediately brings out the human nature of our main character.

Title: Music Video LITTOM (Love in the time of Metaverse) – Ex Falso Quodlibet
Production Country: Italy
Year of production: 2022
Lenght: 4′ 20″
Producer: Fantasmagorie Studio
Screenplay: Paolo Carbone
Director: Mauro Di Bella
Animation: Isabel Wiegand

Colorists: Costanza Lettieri, Lara Hosking, Isabel Wiegand
Music: Ex Falso Quodlibet

watch an extract below:


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