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In Production

Marco was an absent father. He left Italy and went to the United States looking for a better life for him and his family, and in doing so he lived his life far away from his wife Sofia and his daughter Gianna.

Over the years he tries to establish a relationship with his daughter through numerous gifts, only remainders of his existence, becoming an expert at gift-giving.

But how much can a present really make up for a parent's absence?

Technique: Puppet animation
Original language: Italian
Production country: Italy
Production Year: In Production
Lenght: 15 minutes
Genre: Drama
Directors: Paolo Carbone and Isabel Wiegand
Screenplay: Miguel Magalhães
Producer: Fantasmagorie Studio
DOP: Mario Kreill
Character Design: Jesse Rist and Lara Hosking
Storyboard: Jesse Rist
Puppet making: Lara Hosking
Prop making e set making: Paolo Carbone, Isabel Wiegand, Mario Kreill, Lara Hosking

With the support of MiC.

"The Perfect Gift" is currently in pre production and we are looking for co-producers.

You can download here a brochure of the project.


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