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MAJA Sculpture

Sculpture made during the workshop "Ritratto a Mano", 2014

The concept of Maja was inspired by nature.


In 2014 I attended the workshop “Ritratto a mano” (Handmade portrait) , which was organised by Stefano Arienti and Giuseppe Pietroniro in Caramanico Terme, Italy. 



Everyone attending the workshop came from different artistic backgrounds and experience levels. Initially we were asked to produce an artwork inspired by the environment in which we found ourselves.

The educational aspect of the workshop was enhanced through the process of exploring the untouched nature of the National Park of Majella. This exploration was organised as part of the workshop.

It was during these excursions that I found myself relieved by my unexpected reconciliation with nature. So, trying to express the misunderstood nature, I felt the need to pay homage to her by portraying her in the guise of an enigmatic and benevolent goddess, collecting various materials that I had found in the natural environment. 

So, I started going on solitary excursions. I found myself drawing constant inspiration from the symbiotic rediscovery of nature and myself and acknowledging that we had lost touch.

During this time I also thought about what name I would give to the artwork I was creating, having a weird gut feeling that I needed to choose something starting with the letter “M”.

Once the sculpture was completed, I did some research on Majella, the main mountain of the National Park, and the legends surrounding it.

That’s how I discovered the legend of Maja, realising that she had been suggesting her name to me all along.

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