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Miniature installations made during the stop-motion Masters at BAU, 2018

These installations were made as exercises for my direction classes at BAU, during my stop-motion animation Masters.

I made the creature with the tv with aluminium wire, plasticine, some Christmas lights and sand. 

The image with the sphere, the cube and the triangle is an abstract representation of my viewpoint on the concept of the short film "The Heron and the Crane" by Yuri Norstein.
The sphere and the cube are made of plasticine, the triangle 'wall' is a piece of paper painted with red acrylic with a light behind it.

The sand creature with the broom and the cube and the two cones almost touching are respectively the figurative and abstract representations of a synopsis for a short film project, "Grains of Sand".

I created these two images with my Masters colleague Pavel Loparev.

Synopsis for "Grains of Sand": A sandman lives in a desert, in a white square. He is obsessed with brushing away sand with his broom to keep his square clean. One day a white cube appears next to him, just out of his reach. This will force him to finally step out of his square.

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