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my own self

Book illustrated with sculptures I made during my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture at RUFA Rome University of Fine Arts, 2016

While creating "Kachina", my first sculpture illustrated book, I found myself enjoying the process very much. That's why I decided to create another one.

I've always been very fond of folk tales, especially celtic ones, so I decided to illustrate with photographed sculptures a story that my mother used to read to me when I was a kid, called "My Own Self".

My Own Self, Me Aan Sel or Ainsel is a Northumbrian fairy tale collected by the folklorist Joseph Jacob, and tells how a fairy is outsmarted by a human child through clever wordplay.


A widow lived with her son in a cottage with many "Good Folk" (elves or fairies) living about it. One night her son would not go to bed, so she went to sleep on her own. A small fairy girl came down the chimney and told him that her name was "My Own Self", and the boy told her that he was "Just my own self too." They played together for a time, and when he stirred up the fire a spark landed on her foot and made her cry out. Her mother's voice came down the chimney, demanding to know what had happened, and the girl said "Just my own self" had burned her foot. Her mother told her that if she herself did it then she shouldn't make such a fuss about it, and a long arm came down the chimney to pull the girl back up. The boy was so frightened that he learned his lesson and went to bed when his mother told him to.

Here are the pictures in the book:

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