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Thesis film for RUFA Rome University of Fine Arts

"Sulla Morte Senza Esagerare" is a puppet animation short film that I made in 2017 as part of my thesis for my Bachelor of Arts in Sculpture, at RUFA Rome University of Fine Arts.

The inspiration for this project was born during my first year at RUFA, 2013, when for the engraving course we were told to create some illustrations inspired by some Wislawa Szymborska poems. One of these struck me particularly: "On death without exaggeration". This poem, in which death is depicted like a clumsy worker, inspired me to create a character that corresponded to Szymborska's description.

So I created Death as a slender and potbelly figure, with mask and hat in the style of the ones wore by undertakers in 1600 during the plague in Italy, that walks lazily around the world and kills as she pleases, failing often miserably.

It is a project that I already illustrated during the engraving course, so a brief story ready to be animated.

Technical Details:

Technique: stop - motion puppet animation

Duration: 2:37 

Genre: Dark comedy

Aspect ratio: 16/9


Frames & behind the scenes

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