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Final project at BAU Centro Universitario del Diseño Barcelona

“Unraveled” is a short film that I created with my colleagues Arden Colley, Asil Atay and Kellie Fay as a final project for our Masters course in Stop-Motion animation (2018-2019) at BAU University of Design.

It is a short film about the fragility of emotions within relationships and our inability to manage them.

Like fibers, we are entwined and connected to each other and sometimes blind to the consequences of our actions until it’s too late to repair the damage unintentionally done.

Technical Details

Technique: Stop-Motion puppet animation Duration: 3:39
Tone/Mood: Emotional
Genre: Drama

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

The film is currently going through festivals so we are not allowed to share it online.

You can follow our social media pages on Instagram and Facebook for screenings.
However, here is the trailer:


Frames & behind the scenes

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