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Puppets for Final project at BAU Centro Universitario del Diseño Barcelona

For this project we had two characters, the mother and the daughter.

For each character we needed a full body small scale puppet (approximately 22 cm height) and a larger scale puppet of just the torso for close ups and details (approximately 20 cm height).

For the small scale puppets, we had a ball and socket armature available for the puppet of the mother and we had to build a wire and epoxy armature for the puppet of the daughter.

We applied jumping clay on the armatures and covered it with thin foam, so that we could felt dyed wool directly on it. 

Both of the large-scale puppets were built with jumping clay on wire and epoxy armatures and felted over.

We wanted the faces to be minimal yet still convey emotion: we designed the heads with no mouths or eyes, rather “eyeless” eye sockets. The eye sockets needed flexible edges, to change shape depending on the emotion they needed to convey.

The head construction was the same in the small scale and the larger scale puppets, with size as the only difference: with a core / “brain” of epoxy supporting four protruding loops of aluminum wire, providing separate upper and lower edges to each eye socket. The outer edges of the wire were wrapped in thin foam bandage, the epoxy and bases of the wire were covered with Jumping Clay (leaving the center of the eye sockets hollow), and the whole head was felted over with wool. The hair was combed pieces of wool assembled into “tresses” and lightly felted onto the heads.

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